Commensalis welcomes Esperanza Tielbaard

I’ve already mentioned my Emergence work for Twelve34 exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath. I’m also showing at The Octagon as part of Commensalis: The Body. This is an international exhibition featuring Welsh artists: printmaker Rose Davies, photographic artist Owen Martin, and sculptor Jonathan Green. We also have a guest artist in the form of Colombian painter and mixed media artist Esperanza Tielbaard.

Esperanza lives in NY and I’ve worked with her many times before. I love how she uses modern materials and metallic acrylics to create her works. Her art is inspired by the earthy colours of her native country whilst also symbolising the Indian nations of Colombia’s past. I’ve seen some of her large canvases in New York and they’re really impressive both in size and in detail. We are very lucky to have some of her smaller works for Fringe Arts Bath. You can read more about her work here

The Commensalis artists group is still fundraising to help assist with costs for Fringe Arts Bath. We’re rewarding sponsors with some special edition prints. If you want to sponsor us then please visit

Esperanza Tielbaard_BlueFace

Esperanza Tielbaard “BlueFace” mixed media on Yupo paper