Return to Sender

I mail a lot of work around the world so it is inevitable that some returns to me without delivery every now and then. Once I had to send something to Hong Kong three times before delivery was achieved. It would be much cheaper to give in and just send a jpeg image to the organiser and claim my artwork is a simple photograph but I feel that defeats the point of working in the way that I do.

I’m very particular about describing my art. Often it is not mixed media but instead is just a photograph which has been remodelled physically into a collage. I believe that this original artwork should have a chance to be seen in its original state by as many people as possible so that others can appreciate the layers of complexity that are inherent in my images.

This is why, no matter how infuriating it can be, I will send and resend my art across the globe to make sure that it can be seen at its best.


“Sand in his Shoe” 2012 paper collage 2.5″ x 2.5″