You can’t eat Grant Application Forms

I hate applying for grants. So far today I have spent 8 hours writing 1500 carefully chosen words to try to get some money together for a project. The proposal might still need more work and I won’t know until I’ve spent 4 hours tomorrow finding out. In the time it has taken me to go nearly blind today through writing I could’ve earned the same money in other more lucrative ways. Here’s a radical thought, perhaps I could instead use my time to actually make some new art?

The trouble is that I still need the grant. It is no good me having an international presence which seems to be growing by the minute if I’m unknown at home. I need to play the game here as well as abroad to put myself truly on the global map. The art industry is not straightforward and a lot rests on determination and reputation. I am determined. I need to dig deep, power nap for 20 seconds, and then crack on with the task in hand.

Oh no… I’m out of time. I guess I’ll have to stop and go and earn some real money at my evening job. My landlord seems to require actual cash rather than reputation. That’s the trouble you see, you can’t eat grant application forms.


I’ll get round to mentioning this work in progress any day now. Once I actually make some progress.