Next showing in Bath

The next few weeks are going to be very busy in terms of getting art to the places it needs to be. Fringe Arts Bath is imminent and I’m in 3 shows as part of the festival. Each curator has different rules and dates regarding delivery and deadlines and the first batch of work Emergence is making its way this evening to the curators at Twelve34 artists group. All my dolls are finished in time and ready for delivery.

The next then will be organising packaging my work for Commensalis artists group. I haven’t looked at this work for a while and I need to check it over to make sure it’s in exactly the condition I expect it to be. Seeing in the Digital Age is an unframed hybrid piece created entirely from card and photographs but its roots are very much in painting rather than in the digital arts. I wrote a whole heap about this piece in my old blog so I won’t go into it here. Instead you’re welcome to read all about it here There is also an accompanying video piece called The Thing That Should Not Be which can be seen on Youtube here Or I suppose you could come along to The Octagon in Milsom Place from 23rd May and see it all for yourself.

In the meantime I’m off upstairs to see if I have enough card and bubblewrap to package all this art safely.