Luck, Laziness, and Lack of Ambitions

I never saw myself as being a writer but somehow my life has taken me in that direction. I can write, that’s for sure, but I never got around to telling myself that I should be following that particular career path. So now I’m a writer for Moda Week International and have recently been accepted into the Second International Triennial of Visual and Experimental Poetry in Valjevo, Serbia. I’m still not sure how this happened but I’m glad that it has because it has been stretching my talents in all sorts of new directions.

I think the problem is that I’ve only ever decided on a career once, and that was my decision to be an artist. Everything else I’ve ever done has come through luck, laziness, or through feeling the need to help others in realising their own ambitions. This has lead to so many exciting opportunities and meeting lots of new friends and colleagues from the most unlikely of places.

So where will all this take me? I don’t know. I’m still yet to sit down and have that conversation with myself. I guess my lack of ambition is my strength. I do the best I can at whatever I feel I can work with and let others be the judge of who I’m going to be.

I don’t let ambition limit me. I just respond to situations in the best way that I can and have a lot of fun finding out who I can be rather than worrying about who I should be.


“Consolidation” 8″ x 6″ haiku and collage. Soon to be showing in Valjevo, Serbia