Hitting the Big Time

I’m about to hit the big time.

How many people have said that and then never delivered on their promise? Well I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but telling you straight, I’m about to hit the big time. I have an exhibition planned for September with modaweekinternational as part of New York Fashion Week . That’s pretty big. The quality of the clientele seeing my artwork will be huge if not astronomical as will the quality of the venue and the artists and designers that I’ll be showing alongside. Heck, the carpet at the venue will probably cost more than I earn in a year.

So yes, I’m about to hit the big time.

The catch for me is that in the meantime I’ve already promised other things to other people. For example, my art is about to show at the prestigious Octagon Chapel in Bath, UK as part of Commensalis: The Body. As a collective Commensalis works to promote each other and support each other’s career development. We encourage and assist each other in putting on exhibitions and this also includes fundraising so that we can take our work to unexpected locations. As such I’ve pledged some very limited edition prints that I made last summer to help with the group’s fundraising efforts. The idea is that we gain sponsors through Sponsume and in return give rewards for people’s generosity. My little prints are going for only £10 when they really should be going for ten times that.

Like I said, I’m about to hit the big time. I’m not sure how long for but if I was investing in some art by me then now would be the time to pick it up. Not surprisingly the rewards on offer and going like hotcakes. So do you want one of my original exclusive block prints? They’re each printed in dark green oil-based litho ink onto Somerset paper hand and tinted in a variety of water colours. Your last chance to own a real bargain and help a local arts group is here: http://www.sponsume.com/project/commensalis-body-0