The Ultimate Selfie

I have taken plenty of selfies. Most of them are anarchic things designed to tickle people and poke fun at the world. There aren’t many photographs of me looking sensible and sincere and … grown up.

This is mostly because I struggle with my own self-confidence and the easiest way to avoid being serious about my looks is to avoid looking at them. The selfie provides the power for me to laugh at myself whilst laughing with others and control a situation that may end up with me getting hurt. This is a stupid situation mostly because since being an adult nobody has ever criticised me for the way I look. I know it is a throwback of my own nervousness and shyness that I suffered as a child and it is something I shouldn’t be shying away from now. It is, however, part of my make up and part of what has led me to be the person I am today.

Time to take control back from that shy little person and let the grown up be in charge. Time to take the ultimate selfie!