Showing next in Valjevo Serbia

My art is really getting about the place. I have two little collages showing in Serbia this week as part of the VI International Festival “Intercultural Dialogue Through Serbian and International Cultural Expression” which is happening 22nd to 24th May. The arts community in Serbia is really supportive and dedicated to opening the door to new and interesting modes of expression. It’s great to be crossing borders with my art even if physically I won’t be going there myself.

Here’s one of my artworks which will be featured. It’s exciting to think that this dead pigeon is having a whole new life after death. Reincarnated as a collage, The Meaning of Life is travelling round the Balkans and this sculptural poetry is continuing to speak to new audiences. My pigeon will not return to me but will remain in the safe hands of curator Dejan Bogojevic who will determine the nature of my pigeon’s posthumous adventures.

Fly little bird! Fly!



‘The Meaning of Life’ 8″ x 6″ paper collage