Three Shows in Bath

My brain is crisscrossing the Atlantic these days but my heart and my body are firmly in the UK at the moment prepping for Fringe Arts Bath which begins on Friday evening.

For this year’s festival I’m in three exhibitions:
The first is one which I have co-curated with fellow artists at Commensalis arts group. We’re hosting The Body at the historic Octagon Chapel in Milsom Place.
The second is a collaborative show with other Swansea based artists in a group called Twelve34. This will be at FAB4 location in New Bond Street.
The final one is the Fab Fridge exhibition which is a one-off event happening on the streets of Bath during the day on Saturday 24th.

I didn’t intentionally push for being everywhere at once and in a way I’m disappointed with myself. I’d promised myself that my time this year would be more exclusive and less demanded upon. I find it difficult when somebody offers me an opportunity to say no. It’s worked as a philosophy so far and has meant that increasingly I am not chasing the opportunities and instead the opportunities are chasing me.

This success is something that I am very grateful for and I know I cannot complain about. I like being busy and working hard and I don’t intend on giving up that, yet I do feel that having so many exhibitions all in the same place is a habit I’ll have to stamp out during the coming years, particularly if I want to stay sane and manage my workload within the 24 hours I get each day.


‘Restless Eye’ appearing as a magnet in FaB Fridge… and I think the original 6″ x 6″ artwork will be in Rochester NY later this summer