On a Train to Nowhere

I’ve just got back from 2 days in Bath, UK where I’ve been running about helping out and showing at Fringe Arts Bath. It’s been an exhausting couple of days and the journey back to Wales has been long and exhausting.

The train was running late and I only just made my connection. This new train was packed with people travelling over the Bank Holiday period. Then, somewhere outside of Bridgend, some bright spark decided it would be fun to pull the emergency cord and stop the train. I was stuck and moving nowhere for quite a while whilst they reset all the train electrics.

I’m home now. Absolutely shattered after 2 days hard work in Bath and 4 hours travelling home. I’m also gutted because somewhere in the chaos of the train to nowhere I lost the magnets I’d been trusted to deliver to participants as part of today’s Fab Fridge event.


Art by Jovana Mitic at Fab Fridge.