Every Move I Make

I was reunited with a friend yesterday. The Genteel Earth-pig has come back to visit me after a long stay in London. The visit is only temporary since I’m hoping to send him off on some more travels soon.

I showed him to some complete strangers whilst travelling home on the train yesterday. They were art lovers and craftspeople in their own right and were fascinated with my processes. They initially thought The Genteel Earth-pig was worked in metal and wondered what machinery I’d used to cut the pieces. It was interesting to see their reaction when I told them that I cut everything by hand using a little scalpel and that the whole artwork is just paper.

To me, it’s all about the time and craftsmanship that goes into my collage. I never look for shortcuts and if I find them I refuse to use them. I get immense satisfaction in knowing I’ve taken the scenic route in creating my art. Every little detail is hand cut. Every move I make needs to be steady and precise. There is no room for error and neither would I want there to be.

The art is not just in creating the final product but also in the knowledge that I’ve made something that is the finest and best that it can possibly be.


The Genteel Earth-Pig [detail]


The Genteel Earth-Pig 8″ x 8″ paper collage