A Beaded Blend

I’ve been having a few problems with the red beads that I’ve been using on my Beaded Lace collage. It’s hard to get the blend of colours right. The problem is compounded by the fact that until the glue is dry I cannot see properly how it works against the red background.

I decided to leave the red for a while and focus on a pink area in one corner of this collage. This pink pleases me. It makes me think of strawberry ice cream. The way it bumps up against the red is working well too. I’m just going to have to think over the next few weeks about how much of a problem the red is in the remainder of the collage.

I may have to redo the beads several times before I can get something which I feel is acceptable. It’s taken 4 weeks so far to complete half this collage so I have quite a while remaining before I have to look at it again and make a final decision.


‘Beaded Lace’ 8″ x 6″ detail from 16″ x 16″ collage [work in progress]