A Different Craft

I like to mix disciplines since it keeps my mind fresh when I switch back to other things and Tuesdays are my blog writing days.

I write once a week for Moda Week International which is both an interesting and rewarding challenge. I’m a reluctant writer so I always go through the obligatory hour or so of tortuous work avoidance followed by a few difficult drafts before breaking through with what I need. My blog writing there is a totally different craft to here. Here at melanieezra.com I can be myself and explain all I need to get off my chest on any particular day. This is a personal reflection on where my art is going, what I need to be examining, and ideas on what I’m thinking. The Moda Week International blog forces me to be more of a wordsmith and the 400-ish words are created, developed, and honed, rather than written.

I do enjoy it though and being forced out of my comfort zone is an amazing thing. It helps me to grow and forces me to embrace things I am nervous or unsure of. I’ve never been one for shying away from hard work or from trying new things so it’s great to be developing my confidence in a different way.