Vivir en el Futuro

I’ve really had no time to do any artwork today. This is usual for a Wednesday morning since that’s when I usually hit the gym, but this afternoon I was hoping to be in my studio sorting out some beads. I simply haven’t found the time due to helping out some wonderful friends design a Spanish language version of their blog.

Please, don’t be impressed. I don’t speak a word of Spanish. The only thing I remember from Spanish lessons in school is “naranja” and I think I always pronounced that wrong. I seem to recall throwing chairs out of the window instead of learning any vocab to speak of.

Twenty years ago this would’ve held me back but in today’s technological age it’s a mere inconvenience. I can learn how to design a blog using help from the internet. I can have written conversations in any language (with dodgy grammar) thanks to Google Translate. When I’m done using the internet for help, I can use it to order my food and get it delivered to me. There’s so much that living in the future can do as long as we know where to look. I feel so connected to the people that matter around the globe that I really do feel that the world is my oyster.

There are limitations I suppose. The internet can’t go to the gym for me or sort out these beads. I suppose I’d better get on with living in the present for a little while longer at least.