Home Alone

There are lots of advantages to working at home in my studio. You’ll never hear of me having a problem with awkward workmates, I can jazz up my day with household chores so that I don’t have to do them on the weekend, I can play whatever music I want, and I can stop for a cuppa anytime I like. On the flip side though it can be really hard to keep up the motivation and there’s nobody to bounce ideas around with.

I hit many mental walls throughout the week and it is up to me, and me alone, to find a way to overcome them. This blog serves as a way to reflect on these blocks and also is a record of successes. This means that when I truly hit the wall I can reach into previous entries and remind myself where it is all going. Right now it isn’t going too great. I’m 75 hours and 15000 little 2mm x 2mm pieces into a 40cm x 40cm monster of an artwork. I know I need to step away and not look at it too deeply; distance my mind from the pitfalls and trials that I’ve encountered so far and try to focus on the second half of this artwork.

I’m not convinced I like it, or that it’s any good, but I can’t throw away all those hours. I need to finish the job in hand and then look at the finished artwork. Or I could always share what I’ve done on Facebook and let my virtual workmates decide for me.


“Beaded Lace” [detail] work in progress