The Abnormal Commute

My workplace has changed yet again! I’ve swapped cafes in Swansea for an old chapel in Bath. The Octagon Chapel was built in 1767 and has remained hidden amongst the magnificent architecture of Bath ever since. It really is a secret little space and after 20 years of visiting Bath I only recently discovered its existence.

This is an extreme commute to work from Swansea. In total I’m spending more than 4 hours on the train in order to work here for 7 hours. That’s not what normal people do on a Saturday I’m sure. As an artist I have to be prepared to go with the abnormal which is what has brought me here.

And what is here? Well, until June 8th this is the exhibition venue for Commensalis arts group. I’m exhibiting with the group as part of Fringe Arts Bath ; a massive multi-venue arts festival held in Bath every year. This festival is huge with hundreds of people through the door each day and it’s free for visitors so is a huge draw.

Not that Bath needs to attract people. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site and attracts tourists from all over the world. To give you an idea of the space I’m working in, here’s the ceiling. To see the rest you’ll either have to visit the show at Milsom Street, Bath or if that’s a bit too out of the way then click here to see the exhibition.