Chasing the Imaginary Deadline

In my head this orange section would be finished today. I’m most of the way through but I just haven’t been able to sink my teeth into it. I set myself deadlines because it gives me motivation just as I write this blog because it gives me feedback. This not only leaves me behind on my designated target but it also leaves questions:

Are my targets realistic? If so, who is to discipline me when I don’t hit them?

Beaded Lace is being created with a specific exhibition in mind which takes place early September. The deadline is there but how I reach that final mark is always up for debate. I really want to finish this whole artwork by mid-June but with that deadline fast approaching maybe I’m being unrealistic with this ambition. If I rethink this to be the end of June then I am left with less time to make additional artworks ready for September.

This in turn leaves pressures and dilemmas in my head that are very real even if they are self-made. Do I have the time to reschedule the work I want to make? Perhaps I need to start working 12 hour days again…


‘Beaded Lace’ work in progress