16000 pieces of paper later…

My artwork Beaded Lace is coming along nicely. This is a response to my ideas on cloth and textiles and how people used these materials to create something other.

I’m five sixths of the way there now I’ve caught up with yesterday’s backlog. This artwork is 16″ x 16″ (40cm x 40cm) and is created using only paper and beads. Each little piece is hand cut from Kodak Xtralife glossy paper using a 10A scalpel and individually applied using tweezers and a whole heap of patience. The gloss from the paper makes it look like it’s made of glass which makes it very difficult to photograph since the camera lens is always struggling for focus.

Here’s the full thing zoomed in so you can see the full detail. I reckon I’ve glued in place around 16000 little 2mm pieces of paper and a few thousand beads to make the picture so far.

IMAG0442   IMAG0443

IMAG0444  IMAG0444a