Natural Defence Mechanisms

I’m chopping lots of little lines of pink paper today for the final section of my Beaded Lace artwork. Some people think that I’m mad in being so thorough in my methods but there is a logic to it all.

From an early age I realised that if you go that extra mile then people remember you for all the right reasons. It also staves off bullies and so has become a natural defence mechanism of mine. If I work my absolute hardest at making something unique and fantastic (either for myself or for others) then nobody can criticise me. I’m not very good with criticism. No. That’s wrong. Of course I can take criticism. I welcome people looking at what I’m doing and questioning my reasons. Please be a critic to my work. Analyse and respond. Tell me what you think.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m not very good at coping when people attack or attempt to bully me. I’m a very sensitive little soul and I don’t like anger or negativity. So I give everything 100% and push everything a little further and with a little more thoroughness than most people so that even if you don’t like what I do then at least I will get maximum respect for my efforts.