Please Discipline Me

I’m desperate now to get this finished but I still have an 8″ x 6″ section to do. When I started this artwork I thought I’d be finished by the end of May or the first week of June at the absolute latest. As Beaded Lace evolved I realised that this was unobtainable and I revised this deadline to be this weekend. Now this deadline is slipping away fast.
I need to make sure I rest my eyes, and my hands, and have some sort of social life on the weekend where possible. All this means I’m shifting the deadline once more and giving myself an extra week.  I’m not allowing myself to make any new appointments for next week, no new meetings or briefings for potential work. If I stick to just honouring my existing commitments then I should be easily be finished by next Saturday. If I’m not then somebody please discipline me. I’m not sure how you discipline a self-employed person other than by telling them that they’re a piece of crap but I’m trusting you’ll think of something.


Oooh look…. a brown bit.