Now Available at Rochester Contemporary Art Center

I’ve been so busy I completely forgot to mention the wonderful show that I’m in at Rochester Contemporary Art Center in NY. This exhibition features thousands of artworks donated by people from all over the world. All the art is 6″ x 6″ and is auctioned first at the exhibition opening and then online to raise much needed funds for the Art Center. This is one of six of my pieces that are exhibiting until July 13th.

The original photograph is of my nephew Ben was taken in 2006 on the edge of a field here in the UK. I was so lucky that the weather and the harvest coincided with a family visit and this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We spent all afternoon waiting for the harvester to reach the right spot in the field. I was working on E6 slide film and only had 3 shots left on the roll  to get the photograph I wanted. I was very lucky that day.

If you’re hoping to own this piece then you’re out of luck. Unsurprisingly it has been snapped up by a lucky buyer. There are plenty of others available. Have a look at the online auction and take your pick from some wonderful and affordable art.

Ben's Harvest

Ben’s Harvest