Final Pieces

I’m really on the last few pieces now and am nearing completion of my Beaded Lace artwork. I don’t usually put a name and title on the front of my work because my work is usually so small that this would interrupt the flow of the piece. In this case though I feel it is needed. I’ve really gained confidence in doing this lately and I think this style of writing on my work will be a regular feature whilst I’m creating these larger 16″ x 16″ artworks.

I’m being cautious in the speed that I’m going here. I spent a long time yesterday individually applying beads and my eyesight has suffered because of it. I spent a long time with my eyes closed in a dark room with a huge headache yesterday evening after working on such minute detail. I need to sort out a long term solution to this. I’ve resisted using a magnifier up until now but this is something that I may have to consider.