The Connectivity of Everything

I broke my New Year’s resolution pretty early on in 2014. I swore I’d get involved in fewer little group shows and focus on larger things. I just can’t help myself because to me every opportunity, no matter how big or how small, is still an opportunity. I don’t know whether local is better than national or if international is better than local. I haven’t got a clue if things will lead down dead ends or to something more lucrative. I can’t know. If I knew then I could bottle it and sell it and we’d all know where we are in life.

What I do know is that everything is connected. This connectivity cannot be harnessed, only steered gently to new and potentially more interesting things. A little favour for a friend can turn into an introduction with potential. The dead ends, disappointments, and constant rejections will always be there but there will be more future choices if I keep taking the risks.  Taking the time and effort to connect with new people is just as important as making top quality work. I’m always taking the chance that being in a particular place and at a particular time will work for me. I don’t call it fate or destiny because I really think that life is what you make it. I just trust that the consequences of small and insignificant actions today can lead to bigger and better things tomorrow.

All this philosophical rambling is relevant. This new artwork I’m doing now is based on a source photograph I took recently in Bath, UK. If I hadn’t said yes to helping out a friend on that day I wouldn’t have been in Bath at all. I’ve been back several times since and it hasn’t been the same; items in different places, different light etc. This source image was not destined to happen, but by taking a chance on the little things and by helping people out then I got a result and I’m making it work for me.