Days Off

I’m trying not to work a 7 day week and give myself some structured time off. It’s very difficult because I often act quickly when I have an idea and then lose track of the days, weeks, and months that it takes me to complete the work. I think the way to do it is to give myself a day off from blog writing each week. So you might notice that there was nothing new here yesterday and I’ll be giving myself similar breaks at regular intervals in the forthcoming weeks.

I haven’t given myself breaks like this since… well…. since ever. This is because I often feel that a break in momentum is inviting failure. It’s a silly conclusion I know but it’s the way my brain is structured. My whole art career has been aimed at challenging my own thought processes and this is one that I need to tackle.

I can’t help but work today though. I’ve got a lot on my desk and I’m just itching to get moving on this new artwork. I’ve been cutting up a photograph of some antique wrought iron garden furniture. The realisation that I have hours of precision cutting ahead of me is daunting but I know that this will be totally worth it. It’s the slow laborious processes that I relish because they slow me down and soothe my mind. It’s a meditation that I don’t mind doing.