The Start of Walter A. Wood

I’m progressing fast with a new piece, so much so that I’ve been having muscle spasms in my brachioradialis. It takes a lot of steadiness and strength to be using a scalpel and tweezers for hours at a time but I simply can’t stop with this new piece. I don’t have a title for it at the moment. I’ve been calling it Walter A. Wood after the label on the wrought iron tractor seat in the foreground. It’s an absolute joy to work with and it so liberating after the monster slog of Beaded Lace.

I have so many choices here and so many directions to explore. Each additional embellishment messes with the perspective and adds extra depth to the photograph. I worry I’m almost being too subtle here but I think that even the bits you can’t see without a magnifier add to the overall vibe of the piece. You can barely see that the dot on the Buddha’s forehead is an extra little layer of paper but I know it’s there. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll share a side view so that you can see the multi-dimensionality of this.


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