Time vs. Quality

Five hours in the studio has helped me make steady progress with my latest work Modern Love. I’ve finally hit the bottom right hand corner and I reckon if I push on in a similar way tomorrow I might just be half done with this artwork. It might seem like slow progress. Five hours for a section 6″ x 4″ is heavy going but I think it’s worthwhile spending quality time doing what needs to be done.

I could not work any faster than this pace. If I rushed it then it would not be as neat or as skilled. I’ve always believed that the quality of what I produce should hold equal importance with concept and creativity. Visitors to my exhibitions can never believe that every piece in my art is hand cut and I love that they think that. The realisation that everything is done using just a scalpel and tweezers rather than by machine is great because along with that comes the appreciation of the skill that I am achieving through creating my art. A true crafts person has the skill of making it look easy when it really is hard.


‘Modern Love’ 16″ x 16″ detail [work in progress]


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