Vacations into Music and High Fashion

There are some days when I make no art. On these days I do other things which people still might consider to be work but I consider to be fun and interesting activities. For example, I’ve started learning Spanish, I take band photographs for Goldbringer, oh and I also write articles for Moda Week International amongst about 101 other things.

I like the diverse nature of what I do with my days because I relax best when I’m busy. I also thoroughly enjoy the research into the world of high fashion that I end up doing for my Moda articles.

This last week I’ve been researching an amazing young model and designer called Davanna Booker. The fierce drive and ambition that Davanna has is a real inspiration. I’m not really a fashionista but I truly appreciate the hard work that it takes to reach the top so when I write I really try to get into the heart and the soul of such talent. It’s the research that is all important. I treat my articles as seriously as a university dissertation or an application for employment. To me, the article has to be spot on and represent the best of the person it is portraying. It’s a level of professionalism that is a run off from my art creation which I also extend to my band photography and also into all the other great stuff I get to do with my time. You can read article that I wrote this week here.

And the music stuff? Well I enjoy all gigs better when I’m roadying or have a camera in my hand. I’ve always liked being backstage helping keep everything together rather than being in the limelight. I also believe that one day one of these vacations backstage (in music or fashion) is bound to start bringing in some money for someone somewhere. When that happens I hope I’ll be remembered so that I also get to pay my rent…

But if that doesn’t happen then it doesn’t matter because this is not work; this is fun.





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