Exhibiting next in NYC

I’ve been really busy making new art for a few months now and there is almost an end in sight to this making phase. The finished pieces, along with the best of some of my previous collections, will be accompanying me to New York next month for Couture Fashion Week thanks to the support of Moda Week International.

Regular readers to this blog will know that I rarely accompany my work on trips abroad. This is mostly because I get quite bad migraines when I fly so I’m really pleased to be appearing for this one. This event will bring my art to a whole new audience in NYC and I’m excited and honoured to have the opportunity to go. I can’t wait to see what people think of my collages and to meet up with friends, old and new.

I’m determined to share my good fortune by promoting some local talent from Swansea. My art has been framed by my wonderful friend Mi’chal Rixson who is quite honestly the best framer in town. I’m also sourced the best designer in Swansea, Jennifer Eldridge, to create a dress for me to wear to this prestigious event. It’s great to be supporting other people who have the talent to succeed and take their creations along with me.

Now the pressure really is on to get Modern Love finished in time.


‘Modern Love’ work in progress [detail]


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