Showing next week in Swansea UK

I’ve been making and making and making for so long now with Couture Fashion Week in mind that I have completely neglected my duties back here in the UK. There are lots of people locally who are desperate to see my new artworks before they head off to the US for exhibition. Thankfully I’ve managed to squeeze in a few dates here in Swansea so that I can share my art first to a select Welsh audience before it all ships out on its transatlantic adventure.

I’m joining local arts group 15 Hundred Lives as a special guest for 2 days only at the end of next week at The Creative Bubble in Cradock Street (opposite Crowleys). Here I’ll be showing a selection of the works I’ll be taking to New York and working live on some new art. I may still be finishing off Modern Love at this point or it may be something totally different, I don’t know yet.

No doubt my fellow artists Sylvie Evans, Rose Davies, and Graham Parker will be creating something too and you are more than welcome to come in for a chat and a look at what we’ll be doing… maybe even join in.

The event is called ‘What are they doing now?’ and will be open 12:30-5pm on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th August. Please come along, I’d love to share my art with you and hear what you think.


‘Modern Love’ work in progress


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