Karmic Promotional Strategies

Everything is starting to take shape now. I’ve finished the padlock phase of Modern Love and am speeding towards the finish. I reckon I’ll complete the whole piece either tomorrow or Friday if I stay this focussed. This will then leave me with about a month to do all the prep I need to do before Couture Fashion Week opens on 5th September and there is a lot to do. I have a whole heap of planning to do regarding the logistics of getting my artworks to the venue. I also have all the promotions and advertising work to do to support my art.

It’s tempting to go into a blind panic at all of this. It’s such a prestigious event that I could quite easily get swamped at the thought of it all. I work alone which gives me the disadvantage that there is often nobody around to share load with. When you work on your own all the jobs are your responsibility and that’s that. I’m really very lucky in that I have some wonderful friends and family who are always happy to help me out. I couldn’t do it without them. It’s also great because I have the right kind of creative colleagues who will tell me off when I’m clearly wrong and help me work through my ideas to make sure I get it right.

I’m not sure how it happens elsewhere but here in Swansea we’ve really got the city working together on the press and promotions side of things. Here is it the norm to support each other and to be supported. We all work hard at making sure none of us feel isolated in promoting our creativity and we use our strengths to help each other out. Sometimes this means I spend more time than I should helping promote other people but it’s an ethos that really works. In return I know that I don’t have to panic at all about New York.

I’m in good hands.


‘Modern Love’ work in progress


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