Four Months and Three Masterpieces Later

I’ve had to look back through this blog to find out when I started. I think it was the end of April. I had planned to make three new artworks for showing in New York this September and hadn’t attempted successive works on such a big scale before. Each artwork is simply paper and glue, hand cut and placed. I added beads for Beaded Lace but other than that it is collage in the purest sense of the word.

My usual artwork size is just 4″ x 4″ so scaling up to 16″ x 16″ has been a gruelling slog. Actually I think “scaling up” is the wrong phrase since it gives the impression that the size of the everything has changed which is not the case. Yes, each artwork is now 16″ x 16″ but the tiny pieces of paper are just as small as they ever have been, if not smaller. They range from flat panels a few centimetres across down to pieces just half a millimetre wide.

Each artwork has strengths and weaknesses in composition and construction but I can honestly say these are some of the finest pieces I have ever created. Beaded Lace was mentally and physically exhausting to create. By comparison The Butterfly Effect feels lazy; from my point of view at least. Modern Love has been the third instalment in this 16″ x 16″ series and has been a different experience yet again but no less rewarding. Each of these three masterpieces fills me with great pride and I have an overwhelming sense of “wow” and any artist will tell you that’s the sign that something is going very well indeed.

Normally, once I’ve completed an artwork, I would reveal a photograph or a video of the finished article here but today is not a normal day. Instead I’m going to make you wait. Here’s a sneaky little detail from Modern Love. If you look back through previous blog entries here you might be able to piece it all together. If not then you’ll just have to wait until the event at Creative Bubble  next week or send me a very nice message on Facebook twisting my arm…


‘Modern Love’ 16″ x 16″ paper collage [detail]

 Yes I know I created a whole load more art in the last 4 months. There were those 9 pieces I made for Fringe Arts Bath. Then there was that amazing little portrait I made for Mr B’s birthday. Oh and that dead pigeon for the exhibition in Serbia… But to me they are hobbies rather than actual work. You know…. fun…?


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