Little Me

It’s only in the last 9 months or so that I have felt like a professional artist. That sounds stupid I know but it’s a big journey to get to the stage where I feel that I’m not trying to be an artist and that I actually am an artist. It’s been a long and difficult transition from my old career into where I am now. I’ve learned so much over the last seven years and, although I’ll never stop learning, I feel that I’ve arrived at a stage that feels comfortable for me.

Little Me, dabbling in the arts, is turning into Big Me, professional on the world stage. I’m developing my local infrastructure into a global one for logistics and promotion. I’m starting to believe in myself more and feeling more like my art is worth standing alongside that of other artists. These are big hurdles to overcome mentally and, although I still have wobbly days where I doubt my abilities, I reckon I can definitely hold my head up high and be proud of everything I’ve accomplished.

The latest art that I’ve created has really helped to secure this confidence. I’m going to think about where my latest collages are heading in terms of a series. I’m already thinking I should be doing 16 of these 16″ x 16″ collages but I don’t want to simply plunge into another one until I feel I have something worth creating. I should pause for a while and let Little Me have a break.

In the meantime the juggernaut of international publicity is starting on its journey to New York. This week Moda Week International have kindly mentioned me in their weekly blog. I’m amongst artists and designers of international standing at the prestigious Couture Fashion Week  next month. This exclusive event is the biggest platform I’ve ever had the fortune to exhibit at.

I think I’m ready for this.



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