Jonathan Builds Again

It’s been an energetic day full of fun and thunderstorms. Most importantly though I was out and about with two of my best friends enjoying my little neighbourhood. Amongst all sorts of other things, we went to see Jonathan Powell’s latest exhibition ‘When We Build Again’ which is currently showing at Mission Gallery in Swansea.

I don’t often go to galleries because it’s very hard to find new things to see. They can be stale and boring places with similar stuff to each other and not a lot to stimulate the brain. Jonathan’s show is absolutely not one of those kinds of exhibitions. This is one of those rare exhibitions which is exciting enough for me to want to visit again and again. In fact this is the second time I’ve been to see his show since it opened on Friday night.

I’m a big fan of Jon’s work and I’m sure I have a few sketches of his lying around here somewhere. He gained a distinction in his masters degree a few years ago and this new work raises the bar even higher. It’s really exciting to see an amalgam of wreckage and rebuilding, of organic life forms and urban sprawls, in such large abstract canvases. It’s clever and questioning and yet also familiar and accessible on so many levels. I keep seeing new things the more I look and I’m sure future visits will reveal even more little details to pique my interest.

Jonathan Powell ‘When We Build Again’ is open Tue-Sun 11-5pm until September 28th.


Jonathan Powell


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