Housekeeping for the Brain

There are all sorts of things I’ve been avoiding to the point where I didn’t even realise I was running away from them. The brain can be a sneaky thing and can hide all sorts of things from you and give you all sorts of illusions. This is what I’ve been exploring in my artwork for the last few years. The illusion of truth is always there and you only realise things aren’t what they seem when you examine things a lot closer. It’s now time to turn this inwards and consider what this means in my own life. Time to do some housekeeping.

I’ve also ended up in a situation where the next few weeks will be filled with publicity rather than making. I hate doing publicity. This is because I hate putting myself on show and trying to work out in my own head what is relevant to the job in hand and what is unnecessary jargon and rubbish. Again, it comes back to the idea of me confronting myself and evolving my own thoughts to a point that I can be happy within myself. If I have to place myself in a position where I am on show and revealing my art to the world then I need to get my ideas in order. Time to do more housekeeping.

I also have a tax return reminder sitting on my desk and someone should clean the house. These are physical housekeeping chores that I’m really not prepared to address until I’ve dealt with the metaphysical ones. Time to lie on my sofa, close my eyes, listen to some music, and get on with the hard housekeeping tasks at hand.


All aboard the publicity train! Choo choo!




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