Now exhibiting in UK, Serbia, and all over the web!

Exhibitions are like buses, they all seem to arrive at once. I never plan it this way but this is how it seems to happen.

This evening, for example, I am one of a select group of artists showing in the Triennial Exhibition of visual and experimental art in the Small Gallery of the Cultural Centre Valjevo, Serbia. This is just one of many exhibitions in Serbia for this year. I’ve not been lucky enough to go out to Serbia for any of them but I’m sure that will change in the not too distant future.

I’ve also been selected for the 23rd Exhibition of Small Format Art at Sabac Culture Center, Sabac, Serbia. This show opens next Friday night. This is a real honour and I’m really happy to be taking part.

But no, that’s not where this ends. I’m also appearing as guest artist for 15 Hundred Lives here at the Creative Bubble in Swansea today and tomorrow. It’s a pop-in and see what they’re doing kind of thing. Anyone can visit and see my art and see me making some new stuff. I’m also showing the artwork that I’ll be taking to New York and this will be the only time this collection will be together and on show in the UK. All my new pieces are already installed and I’m just collecting together some materials to make something completely new. Doors open 12:30-5pm.

And that should be it. I’m not a greedy person and I’m really overwhelmed that so much is happening all at once. But there is also this other thing that is happening. This week I’m the featured artist for the ESMERALDS blog. ESMERALDS is a high-end catwalk production company and I’m one of their associate artists. ESMERALDS will be presenting my art at the Couture Fashion Week at the start of next month. This exposure via the ESMERALDS blog is a massive opportunity for me and it gives people across the world a chance to engage with me and my art. I’m really impressed with the article and I hope you’ll take the time to read it  at It explains a lot about my thought processes as well as the physical processes I go through to create my art.

Oh and here’s the local newspaper! They’re running an article too!

I think I need a lie down now…



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