Good Morning Australia!

I’m looking into the future by about 12 hours and I’m seeing people near Balnarring, Victoria, in Australia making their breakfast and wondering what to do with their lazy Sunday. Well have I got a treat for you! It seems that one of my little galaxy prints is touring the world and is starting over at Applestick Contemporary Art as part of Wingtip Press Leftovers V exhibition. I made this print such a long time ago now that I totally forgotten about it. It’s started to travel the globe and will be hitting Oregon USA next and then a whole heap of other places throughout 2015.

I started printmaking last year as part of my Chronology series. It made sense to me at the time to practice a new skill and it’s good to know that I can pick it back up again if I need to. I made my printing blocks from cardboard. I used Daler Rowney mountboard and simply scraped away a thin layer of the surface to make the printing plate. The plate itself is limited because even with a few coats of varnish it deteriorates very quickly. This means I’ve ended up limiting any runs to very low quantities. I reckon the most I could’ve done is about 50 prints. I stopped at 15 of these and another 16 from the same plate which are tinted in green watercolour rather than red.

The images for Chronology are based on actual galaxy shapes. For example, this one is based on Pinwheel Galaxy NGC 5457. I wanted to examine ideas on time and the pervasiveness of the spiral in everything we are, from the microscopic and biological all the way up to a galactic level.

So there you go Australia. Good morning to you. The show runs until the end of the month so please pop along if you can.

'Pinwheel Galaxy NGC5457' Hand tinted block print

‘Pinwheel Galaxy NGC5457’
Hand tinted block print


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