Sweet Adrenaline

I could argue that because today is Friday that I should just try and pick myself up and start fresh at the start of next week. But I’m not that kind of person. Instead I’ve worked through every stumbling block I felt I was up against yesterday and had a massively constructive day because of it. Whereas yesterday everything felt stagnant and pointless, today has been full of success in every way possible. I still have so much I want to do today. I reckon I have another 3 hours of adrenaline left before I stop and declare it officially the weekend.

Even my random MP3 selection brought everything I needed.

Project: Walk/Listen/Respond

Rules: [1] Set MP3 to random album, [2] Walk, [3] When what you hear can be represented by what you see then take a photograph, [4] document your findings,  [5] no edits, no crops, no photoshop or alterations of any kind

Results:     Day 7: Mr Bungle ‘California’ Sweet Charity



2 thoughts on “Sweet Adrenaline

  1. If you click on the caption above the photograph it will take you directly to the music that I have on my MP3. Enjoy 🙂

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