Adrenaline, Caffeine, and Luck

Yesterday morning I had one of those eureka moments. It’s great when they happen. A surge of pure adrenaline with the knowledge and surety that nothing can go wrong with the thing I’m about to make. The problem with this particular eureka moment was that if I followed it then I would find myself making 3 new pieces of art less than 4 days before it needs to be framed, packed, and shipped.

I kept telling myself that this is a stupid situation to be in but of course if I don’t finish then I can always fall back on my first choice of pictures for exhibition. With nothing to lose I can only try. Of course it means I have to overhaul my catalogue, do some really quick reframing, and pray that the glue is dry. How many days can I run on pure adrenaline for before I crash? My hands are shaking constantly because of my continuous intake of caffeine to keep me going. If I go another 12 hours, possibly without sleeping, I might just finish the 3 pieces of artwork I have in mind.

Lucky is the first in this new little run of work. She’s a 4″ x 4″ paper collage and explores all sorts of issues depending on your point of view. I think she’ll be perfect for the audience at Couture Fashion Week who will meet her this coming Friday in NYC.


‘Lucky’ paper collage 4″ x 4″



One thought on “Adrenaline, Caffeine, and Luck

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