We’re going on an Adventure!

I’m probably somewhere above the Atlantic right now on an adventure to New York. It might be a while before I get my internet connection at the other end sorted. There might just be some days off from blogging whilst on this adventure. There might even be some vacation time. There are all sorts of possibilities happening right now. Understandably there’s no new art being made today so here’s Beaded Lace which I finished some time ago and still blows me away when I see it. There’s a video of the detail in this piece here

If you’re in the New York area you probably know all about New York Fashion Week. If you’re around Times Square on the weekend then get yourself some tickets and pop by and see my art which should be on display in the Crowne Plaza as part of Couture Fashion Week.

I’ll see you there. I’m the nervous one with the bright red hair.

AMelanieEzra_Beaded Lace2014

‘Beaded Lace’ 16″ x 16″ mixed media collage (paper and beads)



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