Simple Harmonic Motivation

I’m in a bit of a hole at the moment. I have to learn all sorts of advanced Physics for a job I’ve taken on. I used to know this sort of stuff inside out but the science knowledge has slowly been ousted by other more arty fun stuff and I’m having to work on getting it into my head all over again.

This is not the kind of thing you see regular fine artists doing but I’m not exactly normal. The education work I take on is varied and challenges my boundaries in all sorts of interesting ways. Normally I thrive on this sort of stuff but I’m struggling today.

The idea of combining artistic practice with science is very old yet people in this century are often surprised when I tell them I hold degrees in both arts and sciences. Back in Leonardo’s day it was expected that an enquiring mind covers all disciplines. I find that challenging my knowledge scientifically enhances my abilities in the arts. A good artist does not just concentrate on their chosen field but also investigates other courses of inspiration. Most artists know this but limit their realm of enquiry to other arts and artists. I see this as quite a closed way of working since it limits the boundaries of thought and can encourage the individual just to look inwards and create art for artists rather than communicating arts to the wider world.

Instead I take on Science, Literature, Languages, Fashion, Music, and anything I can get my brain cells around. Today it happens to be stuff on simple harmonic motion which brings my brain neither harmony nor motivation.



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