… so I have nothing to lose!

Any time I’m faced with a stumbling block I try to turn it on its head and see it from the opposite viewpoint. If I have indeed created my finest work then any new work I create can be totally experimental. I have a free rein to really indulge in something mad without necessarily caring about the actual outcome.

If I mess up then it doesn’t matter because I have already created such strong work in 2014 that I can afford to waste the rest of the year. I was wrong yesterday to think of my success as binding in any way. Instead I should think of it as liberating.

I really have nothing to lose.


A new experiment in progress.


4 thoughts on “… so I have nothing to lose!

  1. You’ve got the right attitude towards continuing, -experiments will open up your world.
    Trying to make what you think the public will think is good just gives you blinkers. (Trouble is, that’s what we all try.)

    • I never make what I think the public want. I always make just for me. The trouble is balancing that philosophy with sales so that I can eat! Thanks for the support Judy 🙂

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