Balance and Chaos

I know that for every hour I spend at my studio I should be balancing out the time with other things such as research.

I like to cycle places and see what I can find. I take a book with me and stop somewhere and use the time away from the studio to challenge my mind and body. Cycling is great for restoring a sense of place. I like walking, because it’s slow and forces you to re-engage with the simple things, but cycling has the potential to get places much quicker and you can simply pull up when you spot something interesting. I usually head west when I fancy cycling because the seafront here is so enticing but I think tomorrow I’ll challenge my environment and head east for a change.

The idea behind my latest artwork is to challenge what I’m doing and confront the sense of order that I usually end up with in my work. I need to turn my back on all the rules I think I know about my own style of making and move on. If I am no longer to create something brilliant then I must create something chaotic. This philosophy needs to be echoed with my sense of what is normal outside the studio as much as inside it. My usual cycling distance is around 4 miles so I’ll double that tomorrow and push myself far outside what I consider to be local.

It should be fun.



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