Feeding the Nihilist

I’m inching my way across this latest piece but I’m really not feeling it. Usually my work is a way to reflect positively about myself and boost my self-esteem. This piece is just dragging me down and making me reluctant to continue. I don’t like being in this state of mind. If I don’t like what I see then how can I reconcile negative feelings and replace them with positive ones?

Some artists outpour their negativity to leave themselves feeling positive. I can’t do this. I have to create positivity to feed the positivity within me.

By working on this collage I’m simply feeding the nihilist inside me. I don’t know how I can continue but equally I don’t feel that I can give up and let the nihilist win. Perhaps I’m going about this in the wrong way and I need to step back and take a look at the wider picture.

Or even better, step away completely and work on something different for a while so that I have the mental tools to beat this.IMAG1289_1[1]


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