White, Wait, and Want

I’ve made so much progress on this new 16″ x 16″ work that my fingers hurt. It all looks very straightforward at the moment but I am always thinking now of how this will potentially look when it is semi-destroyed at the end of the making process. Once this layer is peeled away the result should be almost lace-like. It will be translucent in places and fragile, oh so fragile. I’m confident of the results since I’m changing nothing about the materials I am using or the method of approach in the making. I don’t need any more test samples other than what I have, I just need to put in the hours to make this happen.

There’s going to be a lot of white in this piece. It’s might look a little futile and almost boring at the moment but it’s a really calming experience to be immersed in. It’s also exciting to know that I’m breaking new ground in my making processes. I want to skip to the end now and get this done so I can see if it will look and behave exactly how I imagine it.

I have a few titles floating around but I’ll use neither for a few days yet until I’ve secured a few more things in my mind. There’s some more progress I want to make first and then there’s a particular person I need to show this to before I reveal more details.


Some detail or other. About 3″ x 3″ in size


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