Video Adventures

I’m not a video artist and I have no intention of becoming one. I do enjoy messing around with a video camera though and experimenting with how it can give me a different voice. It’s a useful tool too in that is can show aspects to my collages that a flat 2D photograph simply cannot capture.

I have a little channel on YouTube which is more for my own pleasure than anything. I am not looking for hits or popularity but for communication to those people who want to find out more about my methods and reasoning behind my creations.

There are some little pieces that could be classed as performative, others which are purely stop-motion. There are a few films from exhibition locations and also some of my collages. Lots of people who see my art at exhibitions say that they shimmer and have a different quality in real life than as a photograph so the videos help others who aren’t so lucky to see my work understand more about the subtle layers and alternative perspectives that  the work generates.

So, if you are interested in my video adventures find me on YouTube. If you’re not then that’s fine. I’ll still keep playing with my camera anyways.




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