Creativity: Nature’s Amphetamine

I had an idea last Thursday which triggered a cascade of creativity. With only so many hours in any given day I’ve done the sensible thing of acting on some of these ideas and writing down others for acting on at some time in the future. This option should be allowing my brain to get some rest but sadly this is not how my brain works.

When I have a major creativity breakthrough it is like a surge of pure adrenaline; pure mania. My brain runs at a billion miles an hour and goads my body into keeping up. I turn into a 24-7 creative banshee whether I want to or not. Eventually, of course, I reach the point where my body cannot do any more and starts to crash. I’m desperate still now for this crash to happen six days later.

The catch is that my creativity is very much intertwined with my dreams. As my body starts to fall onto the edge of my dreamworld I see images of fantastic things which simply fuel more ideas. I see solutions to creative problems and routes into amazing discoveries that I never even thought possible. With a jerk I’m wide awake again and writing down ideas again to try to get them out of my head.

I’ve tried everything that I should be doing to be able to let go and do that thing that normal people do every night. I try to keep regular work patterns, good diet, exercise etc. Last night I resorted to sleeping pills which simply kept my wide awake mind imprisoned in a restful body for 3 hours. Now I’m wide awake and still physically broken. My body is enveloped in this unnatural fog whilst my brain is still running…. chasing… screaming…

Time to hit the studio and make some art then.


Last Thursday’s fragments. Now housed between thick Perspex like ancient manuscripts.


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