The Continuation of H

It’s been a week since my creative eureka experience and there seems to be no sign of my brain letting up on the flow of ideas. I’ve barely slept for a week and if it wasn’t for a brief hiatus last night then I think I may have gone completely mad by now through lack of rest.

I’m in a position to reveal more of this new piece. For now the working title is simply H and it does not look to be very exciting at all. Although the journey may look a little plain at the moment, the destination is going to be something epic. The photograph on which this is based is of a real person who is very close to me. I’ll be working across the surface in a similar way to Happy Birthday Mr B ensuring that the flesh tones are kept as close as possible to the original photograph. H will be on a much larger scale and will take me months rather than days to complete. The finished collage will not remain on the backing board though but will be peeled off like a skin. Fragile and beautiful, the remains of H will be like a shredded ancient parchment.

The construction phase is frustrating me because it is the destruction of this bright beautiful light that I know will bring something new to my art. I have to work quickly and patiently. I also need to remember to eat and get proper rest if H is going to become a true and just reality.


‘H’ [work in progress]


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