Zillatron, The Iliad, and other stories

Every collection seems to have its own musical genre along with its own particular research. For example, The New York Collection was created mostly whilst listening to Planet Rock Radio whilst [Trans]mutations was created on the back of a fairly hefty dose of jazz (mostly Count Basie and Bud Powell).

Conversely I can often feel that an art collection has ended when the music I am listening to no longer seems to fit with what I am creating. This new artwork in progress, H, is definitely part of a new era in making. The research I’m doing is new and different and the music that accompanies me whilst I make is totally different again. This time I have found myself listening to all sorts of stuff. The current playlist features Zillatron, Funkadelic, Buckethead, and Mr Bungle. I haven’t got a clue why, I just know it works for my current mindset.

Similarly when I’m creating I also refer to literature and other written sources for inspiration. Currently my muses are Homer, Euripides, and Werner Herzog. There are reasons for this which I’ll reveal as I get further through H and closer to revealing the psychology of this artwork.

My mind works in complicated and interesting ways. I have no need to justify why it wants to investigate the things that it does. It’s good fun finding out though what it is capable of achieving.


‘H’ work in progress


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