A Shift in Emphasis Too

Yesterday I mentioned the exploitative nature of the art industry, how I’m not prepared to lose money for my art anymore, and how I’m slowing down the pace at which my career progresses. The sacrifices I used to make for my art are no longer required and no longer tenable. Instead I will sacrifice my art by dedicating my time to other people and other projects.

This shift in emphasis is a major one. Previously I would always consider if time spent could somehow benefit my art career in some way. Suddenly day trips to see friends were dressed up as art research and reconnaissance missions. I was on a 24-7 creativity binge trying to desperately enhance my own career.

No more.

Don’t think this is me taking up ‘hobbies’ and ‘pastimes’ and neither should you think that this is me ‘giving up on being an artist’. Instead this is a major shift in thinking where I am not driving myself along at 90000mph to chase some sort of dream which might not happen in my lifetime. Life is short and there are other ways to be creative. At the moment one of these is to help out some friends by shooting a music video.

There’s nothing in this for me other than I want to do it and it is fun.

The finished video will be available for viewing before the end of 2014 over at www.goldbringer.com


Making the ‘Top Dollar’ video for goldbringer



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