Showing soon in: A Book About Death

I submitted for this exhibition months ago now but the image I created is still very much in my head. Out of Time was created specifically for the A Book About Death exhibition which will open at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy, UK, on October 18th.

I deliberately created an ambiguity with this collage. Since both figures are walking away it’s hard to know who exactly is out of time and even the writing in the piece isn’t clarifying the issue. It tackles ideas on the subtley and uncertainty of mortality in, what I feel, is a calm and gentle way. As a result this 6″ x 4″ collage is still a piece that I still feel very passionate about. I’m very proud that it is to show in such a prestigious location too; The Royal Cambrian Academy has a very long and notable history since it was founded in 1881.

Incidentally, the photograph is of actors Elijah Wood and Cellan Jones who happened to be filming earlier this year outside my house for the movie Set Fire to the Stars which should be on general release soon. You can see my footage on-set here if you’re interested.


‘Out of Time’ 6″ x 4″ collage


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